“Richard worked with me for two months. Before we met, I was suffering from anxiety, I was struggling to motivate myself in work, and I was several kilos overweight. Initially we just talked and gradually found a connection. Thanks to the work we’ve done together I’ve been able to reframe my thoughts and stop catastrophising so much; my outlook is much more positive than it was. Richard also encouraged me to start exercising, which eventually kick-started a return to the gym after a long absence. Without even noticing, I’ve started eating more healthily, waking up earlier, and generally feeling much more confident in myself.”

MATT, 36, Twickenham.


When I returned to the UK in 2018, after living a gilded life out in Singapore for seven years as a well-known TV presenter, I switched my primary career focus from journalism and broadcasting to coaching and lecturing. For the first time I began working with young, university age people – a demographic regularly demonised and patronised for being ‘snowflakes’ and ‘work-shy’ by various right-wing commentators. Such lazy tropes couldn’t be further from the truth; in my opinion, young people today have been dealt the worst hand of any generation since the Second World War.  

Economically, social norms that have existed for years, such as buying a home, isn’t an option unless the bank of Mum and Dad can stump up a hefty deposit. University leavers are saddled with debt that previous generations didn’t have to contend with, and they’re now faced with the prospect of working until they drop to support an aging population because life expectancy rates are so much higher. The burden they face is enormous, and it’s why I believe passionately in working with young people to try and help them become the very best version of themselves, whether they’re in a sporting environment, an office, a university classroom, or if they’re trying to make it as an entrepreneur.  

The core foundation of my work is to nurture a growth mindset in clients and help them develop self-awareness, resilience and confidence in order to give them the best opportunity of achieving their goals.

I’m also incredibly passionate about physical fitness, and I strongly believe that looking after your body has a demonstrably positive impact on one’s mental health and well-being. I lift weights four times a week and play sport twice a week – we only get one vessel in which to navigate the ocean of life, and I’d prefer a superyacht to a clapped out old pedalo. When I’m coaching clients I also work with them holistically, advising on physical training and nutrition, as well as utilising psychological techniques.

It’s hard to walk 50 yards in my hometown of Brighton without meeting someone who describes themselves as a coach. However, taking a one-day online coaching course in order to ‘qualify’ is markedly different from a Masters degree in Coaching & Mentoring, 25 years of success as a journalist, broadcaster and lecturer, and a genuine passion to support and develop young people in order for them to maximise their potential.

My Masters dissertation involved coaching young people who self-identified as introverted to become more confident and competent presenters; a project that has opened my eyes to the various strategies that can be used to instil confidence in even the most bereft of individuals and give them the foundation to achieve their goals.

I believe in working closely and collaboratively with clients in order to maximise their potential in a thought-provoking and creative way, using my knowledge, passion, experience, empathy and ingenuity. Let’s have a chat and start working together.

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